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Have you ever wanted to speak on a prominent stage or speak for a living?

Do you have a message the world needs to hear?

A story that can change someone’s life?

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be trained by industry leaders who not only have spoken on stages worldwide, but have made an income doing it.

The best part is that at the end of the 12 weeks

you will speak on a prominent stage!

The 12 Week Teaching Sessions Include:

Nailing Down Your Pivotal Story

  • Shaving off details in your talk that distract from your message.

  • Identifying pivotal moments that inspire.

  • How to set yourself apart as a memorable speaker.

TEDx Style Talks

  • How a TEDx talk is different than other talks.

  • ​How to structure your talk for a TEDx.

  • ​What a TEDx will do for you as a speaker and what it won’t.

Knowing Your Audience

And Reading The Room

  • What moves audiences and what doesn’t.

  • What motivates audiences? What moves an audience to action?

  • How can you really connect with an audience?

Discovering WHO YOU ARE

As A Speaker

  • How you can discover your unique brand as a speaker.

  • ​How can you be creative to stand out.

  • How you can own your unique speaking style.

How To Create Your Own Stages

And Events.

  • How you can start speaking right now on stages.

  • What stages are available right now for you to speak on.

  • What stages you can create for yourself and others.

The Importance Of Your Social Media Presence And Brand

  • How you can use your social media channels for your speaking.

  • ​How to use social media to build your message and audience.

  • Social media tips and strategies for speakers.

Getting Your Message Out There In Books, Courses, And Seminars

  • How to take your message and multiply it.

  • How to get your message into book form.

  • How to get your message into seminar form.

Speaking Etiquette And Vetting Events/Event Producers

  • Speaking etiquette many don’t know about.

  • ​How to vet event producers.

  • How to approach event producers to pitch your talk.

The Mic Is Heavier Than It Looks:

  • The truth that few are willing to share about speaking.

  • Healing in private before sharing in public.

  • The self-care required for the speaking game and excessive travel.

A Strategy For Growing Your Speaking Business – “PLATFORM”– Part 1:

  • P – Pick the problem you want to solve.

  • ​L – Learned brain-science expertise on problem & solution.

Finding The Message That Only You Can Share:

  • The journey that brings the juice.

  • ​Understanding the psychology of the hero journey.

  • Content creation, speech structure, and creative maximizers.

A Strategy For Growing Your Speaking Business – “PLATFORM”– Part 2:

  • A - Activate your story and the stories of others.

  • T – Tend to your heart, tend to your talk.

Crushing Your Signature Talk

  • Why a signature talk is the one thing missing in your speaking portfolio.

  • ​Using a signature talk to score stages globally and prepping your signature talk.

  • ​Prepping your chapter for the speaker book.

A Strategy For Growing Your Speaking Business – “PLATFORM”– Part 3:

  • F – Fine-tune your brand as an expert and thought leader.

  • ​O – Online presence 10x twice.

Neuroscience Essentials For Every Speaker:

  • Basic neuroscience and brain design.

  • The profound impact of the human brain on story.

  • SCARF: Building trust and rapport with your audience.

  • ​Psychological triggers that create shifts in your audience.

  • ​Getting into “F.L.O.W.” and hacks for speaking anxiet.

A Strategy For Growing Your Speaking Business – “PLATFORM”– Part 4:

  • R – Reach out

  • M – Monetize

Do you have a message the world needs to hear?

Do you have a message the world needs to hear?

This 12 Week Program Includes:

8 Weeks - Elevate EST PRO Weekly Group Coaching Calls (2 hrs)


4 Weeks - Perfecting Your Signature Talk (4 weeks)


Access to Elevate EST Stage 1 and Stage 2


Author Acceleration Program and Online Course Creation Formula


Access to The Influencer Formula


Private Facebook Group


Group Book Published


Talk on Marquee Stage at the End


Total Value




Elevate EST Platinum Pro:

Upgrade to Platinum that gives access to The Flourishing Coaching Program™ where you will also receive:

  •  5 coaching certifications  

  • ​ A Certified Flourishing Coach and Speaking Coach for a year and access to a thriving community of speakers and coaches

  •  All the Flourishing personal/professional development weekends such as Breaking Free of Fear™, Letting Go and Moving Forward™, The Entrepreneur Blueprint™, Building A Thriving Business With Flourishing™, High Performance Leadership™ and more!

Total ONLY $9997 for it ALL!

About your Facilitator

Abe Brown, MBA

Abe Brown, MBA, CMCT, CPHSA is known as the Coach’s Coach, and is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and High-Performance Leadership Coach. He is also the Founder of the Flourishing Life Coaching Program, and has trained and certified thousands of Life & Executive Coaches over the last decade. Along with being passionate about mental health, Abe is the CEO of Wellness Innovate Corporation, which brings holistic and data-driven solutions for resilience, well-being, and mental health into the workplace.  

Abe has been a professional speaker for over two decades, generated millions of dollars in speaking fees, and has spoken professionally in 4 continents and over 20 countries around the world, from audiences of two people to tens of thousands. Abe Brown positively impacts people all over the world, and Elevate EST changes people’s lives. Please register today.

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